• Ivan Kukarskikh and Bogdan Panchenko – founders of Lucky Group

    Having traveled around Europe and gained experience, Bogdan and Ivan consciously moved towards the restaurant industry. Ivan opened the first BB Burgers project in 2013. Bogdan, helping his partner and close friend, was simultaneously engaged in supplying vegetables and fruits from Russian cities to large companies in the capital.
    In the fall of 2017, together with brand chef Glen Ballis, was opened a joint project Margarita Bistro on the corner of Malaya Bronnaya street.
    There are now 15 restaurants in the Lucky Group, which are united by values, attention to detail and most importantly – hospitality. In addition to restaurants, Lucky Group develops the areas of events, catering, training services and merch.
  • Dan Miron – Brand Chef

    A student of the British chef Jason Atherton. After working for two years in Atherton’s restaurants (Esquina, Pollen, The Study) in Singapore, Dan honed his skills with Gaggan Anand at his restaurant in Bangkok. On his return to Moscow, Dan Miron launched the Holy Fox and Margarita Bistro project. “The formula of our menu remains the same: we choose good ingredients, prepare them with maximum knowledge and love, and then add a little wit, courage and provocation,” - Chef Dan Miron.
  • Dmitry Kipelkin – Chef Sommelier

    Sommelier since 2007. Took courses in Germany and Burgundy (Ecole de Bourgogne). Worked as a chef sommelier at the Selfie restaurant of the WRF group. He is engaged in compiling wine lists of all segments, as well as navigating through them. Loves wine at all stages - from the vine to the glass in hand. Appreciates the opportunity to touch the art of talented winemakers.
  • Daniil Stolyarov – Head manager

    He received an education in the specialty of human resources management of an organization.
    In the restaurant industry since 2016, he started as a waiter.
    He became part of the Lucky Group in 2020 as a waiter at Eva restaurant, then worked as a manager at KOJI, a senior manager at NIKI restaurant and Eleven coffee shop in Khudozhestvenny, after which he became the manager of the Mamie bistro.
    The main value is to manifest yourself in every area of life with soul and dedication.
  • Alexander Shuba - Chef

    Born in Moscow, studied at the Cook College 44 in Ramenki. He spent a year at the OvO by Carlo Cracco restaurant where he gained an experience of working with some of the best Italian chefs. He also took part in the opening of the Dante kitchen + bar restaurant and became the head of the kitchen a year later. After that, he became part of the Lucky Group: opened Niki restaurant and Eleven coffee shop. He is a big fan of Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park). What they make and promote is simple and complex at the same time. Their motto “Make it Nice” is to be implemented not only in work, but also in life.
  • Polina Komukhina – Sommelier

    Polina chose the profession of a sommelier, inspired at a young age by traveling to Europe, visiting vineyards, wineries and cellars. She graduated from the first Wine Academy in St. Petersburg, studied in France and Austria, improved her skills at the Enotria Wine School and worked in St. Petersburg projects: Terrassa, Mansarda, Volga-Volga. Today, Polina greets guests every day, talks about wine and shares her love of the wine world.